www.sassydietician.com offer different services which include both professional consultation and content creation. Professional Consultation and Coaching is about expert’s advice as a Duly Licensed Dietitian. As for content creation, It varies from photo and video posting, article writing, and livestreaming.

Feel free to check the information below to help you understand the services we have here. 

Professional Consultation

Do you have research study related to Food and Nutrition, and need professional advice by a Dietitian? We got you cover! We can help you validate and review your research and questionnaire studies through expert’s recommendation and suggestion.

We usually give product analysis to different food supplements brand collaboration. For this service, We give in-depth analysis to the product by reviewing the Nutrition Label and conduct research for its’ drug-drug interaction. This gives you an unbiased professional advice towards the product. It covers the pros and cons with evidence or science based information.

We accept event invitation as a participant either as Dietitian or a Content Creator. We can cover your upcoming event and post for your press release article or write about some event takeaway, feedback and review.

As your Resource Speaker, I’m willing to impart my knowledge and expertise to those young adults who also taking up BS Nutrition and Dietetics, or to those who have the same interest in Beauty and Wellness Advocacy.

Food and Nutrition Coaching

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a personalized nutrition care plan for YOU addressing your health concern and/or food consistency modification diet. I have 7 years clinical experience and have an advance learning about Diabetes Education. It includes computed diet prescription and nutrition counseling that help you set your nutrition goal to achieve your optimal health.

Menu Planning is your guide for your meal in a day or longer. It can be a Cycle Menu for a Week, Bi-Week or A Month. It helps you organize your food budget, grocery list and at the same time you’ll get the idea of what food you can eat based from your diet prescription.

If you have food product to feature or need help in making recipes out of your brand, we can help you with that. Through this recipe development, we can make a dish for you with computed nutrients (if applicable) and food costing.

Food Budgeting and Grocery List Plan is very effective way to avoid food waste and overspending in our home. So I’m here for you. Let’s plan it out well and enjoy the food you’ll serve to your family within your household budget.

Content Creation

Got new product release to promote or need someone to expand your business reach? My platform is ready for you. Product Seeding and Ads Insertion is an ex-deal partnership which we give free space for your business in exchange of giving us free product sample or service. It usually caption-ready or press release article to be feature in our platform.

Video Content covers youtube videos, tiktok series, IG Tv or Reels, and FB Livestreaming. We make content for your product or service and crosspost to different platform available. This type of posts are usually under paid collaboration.

Photo Carousel Posts through our Instagram and Facebook are also available. It can either be an ex-deal partnership or paid collaboration, depending to the agreed deliverables. It can be about brand campaign, giveaway sponsorship, or product feature. 

We can post press release article (content-ready) to promote your business or campaign. We can also write content for a certain topics related to beauty, wellness or lifestyle but we already charge service fee to this type of articles. Other paid collaboration also depends to the agreed deliverables.

If you have further clarification or inquiries to our service, feel free to reach me or send your business proposal / campaign briefing via email. sassydietician@gmail.com