Divine Tria (@sassydietician)

PROFESSION: Registered Nutritionist Dietitian since 2014 with professional experience both in Foodservice Supervision, Therapeutic, and Clinical Nutrition. She had an advance training as Diabetes Educator, ServSafe Food Safety Manager, and Compliance Food Safety Officer. 

DIGITAL CREATOR: A Nutrition, Dietetics and Lifestyle Content Creator passion in advocating beauty and wellness balance to achieve that true beauty. Been blogging since 2007 then start as an influencer in 2020. For our lifestyle content, we decided to move it to a new home at www.allquirkytales.com.

FREELANCER: Passionate in promoting Good Nutrition as one of the key factors that can really help in optimizing one’s health. “FOOD BE THY MEDICINE” a cliché quote but still worth-sharing. I conduct Nutrition Consultation to help my clients understand about their food and the proper way of managing their condition through diet prescription. Through our “BE SMART EAT SMART” Wellness Program, our clients will finally improve their body-food relationship and succeed their Fitness Goal.

ENTREPRENEUR: Driven by purpose of being a self-made “negosyante”, together with my partner, we started a household cleaning products – SOOLIT in 2022. We value every peso earned, so we make sure to provide a product that has a premium quality but still budget-friendly. Checkout our Online Shop at www.facebook.com/itssoolit.