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Better Gut Health with Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Loaves

Having a healthy lifestyle includes taking good care of your gut health. According to studies, maintaining a healthy gut thus affect your whole body process positively such as preventing you from non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, insulin resistance, and a lot more.

Some of the ways to keep your gut healthy is getting enough sleep, managing your stress levels, and of course eating fermented and high fiber rich foods that we usually get from colorful fruits and vegetables. This help your good bacteria in your tummy to fight against any bad bacteria, and improve your immunity to avoid getting sick.

Aside from our fruits and vegetables, we can also get dietary fibers by eating whole wheat breads and whole grains. One of my go-to snacks that I include in my meal is this Quick-and-Easy Egg Sandwich using the Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Loaves. Just cook first your scrambled egg mixed it will tomatoes and onion. You can also chop some cucumber to your sandwich for your extra veggie. Then choose you loaves from their healthy breads.

Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Loaves

GARDENIA HIGH FIBER WHEAT BREAD. This is the classic high-fiber rich wheat bread with gives you 6g or 20% of dietary fiber in its 170 kcal per serving (2 slices)

GARDENIA HIGH FIBER WHEAT RAISIN LOAF. 1 serving or 1 slice of this loaf can give you 113 kcal with 9g or 29% dietary fiber. It also packed with vitamin A (30%). It is calorie-dense compare to the classic high fiber bread.

GARDENIA HIGH FIBER WHEAT CRANBERRY LOAF.  If you’re looking for more fruity taste but not too sweet wheat bread, this one is good for you. It gives you 22% dietary fiber in one slice or one serving. It is less calorie-dense compared to the wheat raisin loaf.

These are the three (3) wheat breads that you can include to your menu for the day and get that additional dietary fiber to your meal throughout the day. But still don’t forget your fruits and vegetables to meet the 25g dietary fiber daily requirement of your body. Remember: Stay Gut Healthy!

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