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Kaon Ta : Sizzling Palace in Isetann Recto

If you’re looking for Mediterranean flavors or Authentic Arabic Cuisine, You can visit Sizzling Palace in Isetann Recto. No more guilt feeling because their dishes includes healthy spices, and it is one of the HALAL Certified Resto in Manila. MENU Their menu are more diverse now. They started with filipino dishes such as Bulalo, Relenong …

Better Gut Health with Gardenia High Fiber Wheat Loaves

Having a healthy lifestyle includes taking good care of your gut health. According to studies, maintaining a healthy gut thus affect your whole body process positively such as preventing you from non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, insulin resistance, and a lot more. Some of the ways to keep your gut healthy is getting …

Rex Education Showcases Lifelong Learning Solutions at the 2022 CEAP National Convention

After two virtual events during the pandemic, the 2022 Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) National Convention is back on ground with Rex Education and a strong delegation of educators, school heads, and superintendents from all over the country.