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Quick and Easy Recipes featuring The Green Tummy Products

Snacks will always be my favorite meal of the day and taking small bits that are healthy is indeed a game changer. We always thought that snacks are always about sweets, fatty, and oily, but what if we can make easy recipes that can both fill our tummy and promote healthy snacks for our kids?

Here are some of quick and easy snack ideas that we can try at home. I partnered with The Green Tummy for their healthy option products to add to our favorite snacks!


Coconut Flour are low in glycemic index, or food that have minimal effect in increasing your blood sugar level, that are better option for people with Diabetes. Another fact about this type of flour, it has low sugar level, and packed with nutrients such as potassium and iron. It also have a good source of dietary fiber which is good for your digestion.


If pink is your favorite color then you’ll definitely enjoy this pink smoothie. Aside from its aesthetic color, of course this drink is also delicious. It also have a good source of dietary fiber coming from the Acia Berry Powder and also with the Chia Seeds. Best if it serve cold with ice to really get that fruity taste. You can also control the sugar in it, depending to your taste preference.


Last but not the least is this sandwich with the peanut butter spread, sprinkled with flax seed to add some fibers. Peanut Butter is high fat spread but a good source also with protein. You can take it in moderation for at least 1-2 tsp spread. To enhance its nutrient content, and also to add crunchiness to your sandwich, you can always add this flax seeds.


The Green Tummy is your one stop shop for a healthier option for your cooking ingredients. Their products are 100% organic, very affordable and you can also shop online. You checkout out their product/s via pililokal or lazada.

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