Open Letter to the Person Who Gave Me the Most Painful Heartbreak

I’m not really sure where to start but maybe the first thing I need to say is Thank you.

Thank you to all the things you did for me. From giving us shelter, food, clothes, and for working hard away from us. Maybe it was too hard for you to the point that you have to look for someone else who can help you feel less lonely.

I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed, furious and sad when I first knew the news. It is like the love story I believe that is true and strong was all just a fantasy. I never knew that at my age (29), on this year (2022), Our family will be broken. And what make it worst, the most painful part of this, was you let us feel that we were the one at false. That we are the reason why this thing happened, and we are even in debt to all the things you gave us, when it was suppose to be something a parent should do the least for their children. But no worries, we are still grateful for that part, and we won’t forget that.

You once asked me if you wasn’t been a good father to us? My answer is this. You are my father, but you never a “DAD” to us. You just thought that everything should be about money, that everything will be okay as long as you gave as allowance but you know what? That is not what we want, what we long for. It was having you with us, and the fact that all I wished for was a complete family picture, and a moment that finally, when you retire, we can enjoy being a family who go out and eat, go to the beach and have fun, or just sit down together and enjoy telling stories of how our days went by? We wanted a moment to keep with you, but sadly, those simple wishes will never happen. We were supposed to be a family, and not just about husband and wife. We fail to communicate properly and choose silence to solve every thing, so maybe that when we fall apart.

I can’t change the fact that you fall out of love with my nanay but you can’t force me to understand everything and be okay with it because If there’s one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s cheating and being lied to. Maybe in the future, I can finally say I can forgive you, but right now, all I want is to give my mom a better life, and the freedom she deserved. So talking to you, seeing you, is impossible for me right now. So please just let us have the peace and happy life we deserve even you’re out of the picture.

There’s no happiness this father’s day. And if there’s a worst thing to a lover’s heartbreak, it is having a broken family. I know it happened to a lot of families at this age, but if you’re the one who experience it, everything is unbearable and painful. You even started to question, why it has to be us too. The funny thing about it, is that, the other families (relatives) who knew about it, seems to be happier knowing someone was hurt, get broken, and the victims become a laughing stock of the town. How sad people this day, try so hard to normalize cheating whenever your partner is in a long distance relationship.

So to the person who let me feel the worst heartbreak, Tatay, thank you for everything but for now, I’m sorry that I cannot be okay with what happened to us. You broke our family, and my dream of having you and nanay a happy life forever. This will be my final words to you. Goodbye.

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