Creating something new from the usual favorite breakfast dish which is pancake! I enjoy the taste of kimchi so I’m using a special sauce for the dish. We are making the Kimchi Coleslaw Pancake featuring the Bibimbud Kimchi Sauce.

Bibimbud is the original kimchi sauce which has the unique kimchi-style condiment that you can dip, spread, mix and cook with anything you want. It is packed with flavor and benefits that it can really go well with any dish you make.

Now let’s start making this Kimchi Coleslaw Pancake!


2 cups Pancake Mix
1tbsp Bibimbud Kimchi Sauce
1/4 cup Coleslaw
1 pc medium egg
1 cup water


Mix all ingredients to a mixing bowl for the pancake mixture.
Preheat your pan and start making the pancake.

You can also add the Bibimbud Kimchi Sauce to add more spice to your pancake. If you want to try this kimchi sauce, you can visit their official website :

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