After being tag as “MIZDEE” for 4 years, I finally decided to start something new with regards to my personal branding. This time it can clearly define me as a Professional and also a passion with purpose-driven creator of Lifestyle.

I’m now introducing myself as your Sassy Dietician – A Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by Profession, A Digital Content Creator by Passion and An Entrepreneur (Nutripreneur & Influencerpreneur) by Purpose.


It same old story but I will focus more about Beauty & Wellness. It is about self-care and pampering myself to boost my confidence. It also covers the significant role of food & nutrition in achieving that optimal health & wellness that will radiates the glow of beauty from within.

I’m really extra excited with this new journey of mine and I hope you’ll still be with me up until now. See you more here and my shared experience as we achieve that BALANCE OF INNER & OUTER BEAUTY OF US.

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